Features That Make Dating in Houston Unique

Okay cool, you are ready to start dating in Houston and looking forward to meeting a wonderful girl or guy at Loveaholics or any other place. Either way, once you’ll actually begin dating in the city you will find it a totally different experience! Simply put dating in Houston is very different from any other city, so be prepared for the unexpected and just take any dating challenges in your stride. After all, this is Houston!

Some of the unique challenges of Houston dating

Do not get shocked if friends tag along: If you thought going on a date would just be the two of you enjoying a cosy twosome, think again. This is Houston man, so it is not uncommon for your girlfriend to bring along one of her besties for company. You could make it a foursome by inviting a friend that is free and available to join the party.

Your college makes a difference: Trivial as it might seem there is a healthy rivalry existing between colleges or rather the students in them. So do not get put off if you end up going on a date with a girl from a different college and things do not work out.

Solution: Preferably find out which college she went to before you start dating her. It will solve the issue of dating someone from another college only to find thinks do awry.

Slim chance of bumping into someone on Metrorail: The chances of bumping into someone special on the light rail network are next to nil. The reason is that most people use their own personal means of transport i.e. a car or pickup instead of the rail network in the city.

Your partner is relocating: Many people move to Houston on temporary assignments or jobs because of the job opportunities. So do not get heartbroken if your date informs you out of the blue she is relocating overseas to France because of a plump new job offer. Au Revoir!

Solution: Clarify at the onset if you intend to have a long term relationship if she is planning to relocate to another city. This will ensure you are not left high and dry when she decides to move.

Expect the weather to play spoilsport: Do not get perturbed f your plans to enjoy a date outdoors are spoilt at the last moment. The weather can be crazy in Houston so you just got to be better prepared for it. No use whining or grumbling, instead get yourself an umbrella and always have a Plan B ready, if the first is a washout (pun intended). 

Etiquette is subjective: The unique thing about dating etiquette in Houston is it is either all the way or not at all. While some ladies like chivalry exhibited by their partners there are others that will not care two hoots about it. So you need to be discerning when you are with your date if she is the type that will get impressed by dating etiquette or would prefer you do away with the fuss and just be your natural self.

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