Features That Make Dating in Houston Unique

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Okay cool, you are ready to start dating in Houston and looking forward to meeting a wonderful girl or guy at Loveaholics or any other place. Either way, once you’ll actually begin dating in the city you will find it a totally different experience! Simply put dating in Houston is very different from any other city, so be prepared for the unexpected and just take any dating challenges in your stride. After all, this is Houston!

Some of the unique challenges of Houston dating

Do not get shocked if friends tag along: If you thought going on a date would just be the two of you enjoying a cosy twosome, think again. This is Houston man, so it is not uncommon for your girlfriend to bring along one of her besties for company. You could make it a foursome by inviting a friend that is free and available to join the party.

Your college makes a difference: Trivial as it might seem there is a healthy rivalry existing between colleges or rather the students in them. So do not get put off if you end up going on a date with a girl from a different college and things do not work out.

Solution: Preferably find out which college she went to before you start dating her. It will solve the issue of dating someone from another college only to find thinks do awry.

Slim chance of bumping into someone on Metrorail: The chances of bumping into someone special on the light rail network are next to nil. The reason is that most people use their own personal means of transport i.e. a car or pickup instead of the rail network in the city.

Your partner is relocating: Many people move to Houston on temporary assignments or jobs because of the job opportunities. So do not get heartbroken if your date informs you out of the blue she is relocating overseas to France because of a plump new job offer. Au Revoir!

Solution: Clarify at the onset if you intend to have a long term relationship if she is planning to relocate to another city. This will ensure you are not left high and dry when she decides to move.

Expect the weather to play spoilsport: Do not get perturbed f your plans to enjoy a date outdoors are spoilt at the last moment. The weather can be crazy in Houston so you just got to be better prepared for it. No use whining or grumbling, instead get yourself an umbrella and always have a Plan B ready, if the first is a washout (pun intended). 

Etiquette is subjective: The unique thing about dating etiquette in Houston is it is either all the way or not at all. While some ladies like chivalry exhibited by their partners there are others that will not care two hoots about it. So you need to be discerning when you are with your date if she is the type that will get impressed by dating etiquette or would prefer you do away with the fuss and just be your natural self.

Best places to find dates in Houston

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For most people meeting someone new can be a bit of a challenge. However, visiting public spaces where people visit, makes it easy to find people with shared interests, making it possible to strike up conversations and get the ball rolling. You have to be proactive and outgoing and easily approachable so people feel at ease in your company. Houston is a fabulous city that offers plenty of places to meet people and strike up friendships or even find yourself a partner to start dating. While online dating is fun, being physically active on the social scene definitely has its benefits.

Best places to meet new folks in Houston

Cafeza: One of the most popular places to meet new people and strike up friendships or even possibly find a prospective partner is the city’s cafes and coffee shops. Cafeza is one of the more popular cafes to hang out at with a host of different services available at the café. Apart from great coffee, tea and latte Cafeza also serves wine and beer along with a variety of snacks. Weekends are when the place enlivens up with live entertainment, something more unique and not found at other cafes. The fabulous drinks, food, and atmosphere set the perfect tone to socialize and even possibly meet a gorgeous date at Cafeza.

Houston Museum of Natural Science: Art galleries and museums are popular public spaces where you will always find crowds and the possibility to meet plenty of new people. While Houston has a number of excellent museums one of the best to visit is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Apart from being the biggest in the city, it always attracts people in droves so that provides plenty of opportunities to meet prospective new friends and even possibly a partner to date.  The crowds are more active unlike the quieter museums, so striking up conversations with total strangers is always easy. If you have a passion for natural science there will be others that share the same interest and this will make it easy to socialise.

Johnny Steele Dog Park: Having a pet makes it easy to bond with total strangers in any city. Visiting a dog park will not only be good for your darling pooch and help to make him/her sociable, but it also opens up a world of opportunities to begin a conversation with other pet owners at the dog park. Visiting Johnny Steel Dog Park would be an excellent place for both your dog and you to make new friends. Dog are social animals and need to play and socialise with their furry friends on a daily basis. This is the perfect opportunity for you to brush up your social skills as well and make an introduction to the other dog lovers in the area. Having a pet is a sure way of making friends with breaking the ice becoming much easier. The park is large in size and there are separate sections for different breeds and sizes of dogs, making it ideal to meet people that have the same breed of dog. So if you want to find new friends or even a love interest head with your beloved pooch on the leash to Johnny Steele Dog Park.

Different Ways to Find a Date in Houston

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Houston offers an exciting dating scene

Houston lies in the southeast of Texas and is brimming with culture, history and entertainment venues. All of this leads to many opportunities to meet single men and women to start dating. Living in such a dynamic city definitely has its advantages, when it comes to finding dates. There is no need to visit bars and clubs to find dates with so many singles events happening on a weekly basis.

Some of the ways to find dates are

Online dates

The easiest and most convenient way to find a date is online dating. Whether you live in New York or Houston online dating is trending with an increasing number of men and women looking for partners online. The chances of dining a date online are always higher than conventional dating. All you need to do is join any of the reputed paid sites, set up an attractive profile and browse through for compatible partners.  Most online dating platforms offer search filters to ensure you find women or girls that share the same preferences and interests. This increases the possibility of finding a compatible partner. If you have not tried online dating it is time you gave it a try!

Head to the local social clubs

Another excellent way to find partners is to join any of the local social clubs in your neighborhood. These are a convenient way to meet other singles of your age groups with similar interests. Most of these clubs host a variety of social activities where you get to interact and communicate with other members in a warm and friendly atmosphere. From outdoor activities to movie nights there are plenty of activities where you will meet people. Members of these clubs are interested in meeting new people, so breaking the ice becomes easy even with perfect strangers. A number of couples have found each other at these social clubs in Houston, so why not give it a shot!

Try speed dates

For those busy professionals that do not have the time to try the conventional dating scene, the best alternative is speed dating. In fact, speed dating has really taken off across the US with almost all cities and town hosting speed dating events. Joining is easy all you need to do is register, pay a nominal membership fee and mention your preferences and backgrounds. The website that you join takes care of the rest for you. The software that they use will link and match your profile with other profiles in your area and select those that are the best matches to your profile. They shortlist 6-10 profiles that match your profile and organize a speed date event in town. You get to meet all those that match your profile for short 8-minute dates. The choice is yours if you would like to connect again with any of those you met. Easy, convenient and a very effective way of finding a prospective partner in Houston!

These are just a select few of the many dating options available in Houston for singles to meet their match.

Tips to Enjoy Dating in Houston

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The good news for those having recently moved to Houston is because of its massive population there are thousands of singles, both men and women looking for partners just like you.

Try online dating

If you have not already leaped on the online dating bandwagon, it is high time you joined the community of single men and women looking for love or even friends online. Sign up with a local dating site to look for a partner in Houston and its suburbs. There are plenty of online dating platforms so take your pick and join an online dating platform. Among the many benefits of dating online is it offers privacy, convenient and you get to choose from multiple partners. Online dating is thriving in Houston, so make the most of the opportunity to find your soul mate online. 

Visit public spaces

Sitting at home and watching Netflix will not help you to have an active social or love life. You need to take the initiative and make the first move. Houston is one of the most happening cities will plenty of social events including music festivals to visit.  When you attend these events you will meet others sharing the same common interest, so it will be much easier to connect with them. Whatever your interests or hobbies there are events that cater to diverse tastes, so you always have an opportunity to meet and socialize and find someone that catches your interest romantically.

Join a physical fitness class

With a growing number of men and women getting more fitness conscious, joining a fitness class is a great way to meet new people. Apart from staying in shape, exercise helps to release endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. From free yoga sessions to Crossfit classes, there are plenty of options to choose from. You will get to interact and connect with plenty of men and women at the classes and might even that someone special you have been looking for.

Cultivate an interest in art and culture

If you already have an interest in art and culture great, or else you could cultivate an interest in either. Once you develop an appreciation for the finer things in life and visit museums and art galleries, you will get in touch with others sharing the same interest. Connecting with likeminded people will definitely be beneficial and you never know when you might bump into a prospective partner.

Join a painting class

If you have always had an interest in painting but not many opportunities to get involved, it is never too late to begin now! Join a painting class like Pinot’s Palette, where not only do you get to interact and learn from other artists, you also can enjoy some fine wine. Drinking and socializing is a very relaxing way to communicate and you can be your spontaneous self. It also offers a great platform to meet and connect with new people and paves the way to find someone you would like to get romantically involved with.

Houston Dating Guide: Three fun ways to meet singles!

Happy couple in Houston

Do you feel like everyone in your social group is settling down, getting married or are in long term relationships? Are you just fed up and bored of the single life? Sure, single can be fun at the start, but when the lonely meals-for-one become a frequent occurrence, it kind of loses the appeal. So, if you’re living in Houston Texas and you’re searching for some free tips on how to meet like-minded, compatible single girls or guys this guide is just what you need to improve your love life. Luckily, you are living in one of the best U.S. cities for dating for the following reasons:

  • The second lowest restaurant prices compared to other major U.S. cities
  • The second highest theatre district after NYC
  • It’s been dubbed the number city in the United States for young couples to live

Therefore, if you’ve been thinking that you can’t meet local Houston singles or you’re limited – you’re in a word wrong! But, we don’t think that you mind being incorrect when it comes to this assumption. This guide is designed to help singles of all ages, young, mature to senior Houston singles who are looking for a way to flirt, meet, chat and date with their ideal single! So, let’s take a look at our three fun ways to meet singles in Houston, Texas.

1. Exclusive Houston Dating Sites

Perhaps you’re in the height of your career, and your professional life dominates your personal life, it doesn’t mean you can’t date! So, a great way to easily meet compatible single women and men is by using exclusive location dating sites! There are tons of options too, you just need to find the one that has your type of single and offers you the service that you need. Online dating has grown in popularity as everything now has a digital option, and it’s a great way for people to meet their potential long term partner regardless of your location, age, profession or race. In fact, 59% of American singles have said that they feel that it is a good way to meet new people/dates.

2. Single Bars

Following on from the digital dating option, we often forget the traditional way of meeting new people. Many people, single and those in relationships go to bars, whether it’s to relax on a Friday night or you’re celebrating. Yet, Houston boasts some of the best bars for single men and women, some even have specific events and nights like speed dating. So, why don’t you check out your nearest single bar, dress to impress and who knows what could happen!

3. Go to a sporting event

Sports, whether it’s soccer, baseball or basketball (to name a few), Houston is known to be one of the best sporting cities. So, why don’t you take advantage of attending a sports game and visit your favorite team and who knows your potential marital partner could be sitting right next to you. These events are a great way to meet new people, friends, and potential dates!